Nagaraj Shenoy Manikkar,Masters in Telecommunications, IIT Chicago. Software engineer by profession, crazy husband, macho dad at home, self proclaimed chef and a traveler who enjoys the journey more than the actual destination. I have been bitten by the shutterbug and needed a platform for showcasing my creative self, hence webinav.com was born.


Vandana Bhat Malpe(Aka Nidhi Nagaraj Shenoy). Electronics engineer, working mother, master chef, chatterbox and my partner in crime.  Person who is mostly besides me when i am shooting pics and is the better half of my creative self.

Why the name “Webinav“?

I am sure everyone knows about “Web“. The internet,network of servers, social networks are part of our society now. Some humans evolved into a new species altogether to be known as software engineers, we help manage the web and make it more exciting for the future generations to come. “Nav” in sanskrit means new, novel and fresh. so i combined the two words to coin the word “Webinav” a New web, like another Sanskrit word “Abhinav” which means “New”. Also, N A and V are the words that define me,Its me, my son and my love

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